Living in the Shadow of Wealth


Development shadows the undeveloped

I have found myself a room on a months contract and I am currently searching for teaching work. However, the area that I am living in is a bit sketchy and I fear to leave my room on the notion that I will probably be robbed instantaneously. It looks like the backdrop for an episode of Ross Kemp on Gangs. Nevertheless, the room rate is ‘fair’ and I am taking it easy. They have a gym and swimming pool in the complex, but it’s not like I’ll find myself anywhere near the weights any time soon. The best thing though; they have a piano in the reception area. It’s a bit annoying that it has been placed here, as I always feel that I am disturbing everybody if I start playing. Thankfully I have a ‘interview’ on Monday and I am looking forward to that. Maybe I won’t be spending too long in this part of Bangkok. Although on the flip-side, the area is a goldmine for photography, so hopefully I will exploit that before I leave.


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