I want to share just a few words about an area in Thailand that is, for the most part, completely shy of tourists; and I want to tell you why I am confused by this. I have travelled over most of Thailand at some point in the last year and one thing is for certain; most parts that you go, you are guaranteed to bump into other like-minded (or not so like-minded) foreigners.

So why aren’t there any people travelling through Phetchabun province?


The rolling hills of the East


The province boasts a wide range of spectacular sights to feast your eyes upon. To the West, you can get your senses pounded by the hilly area called Khao Kho. With endless roads leading you to breathtaking views, you could easily spend a couple of days lodged in one of the many accommodation options around the area. It also tends to be a little cooler also, so if you’re looking to take a break from the intensity of the Thai sun, this may be the place for you.

To the East, you have the other hill ranges that create a physical border between Phetchabun city and its neighbouring provinces. Here you will find endless waterfalls and some open waters, perfect for fishing. Just grab yourself a motorcycle and explore the beautiful landscape before you.



When I landed in Phetchabun, I was lucky enough to have arrived on a motorcycle of my own, but when searching through the city, it really is difficult to find anywhere that will rent you one. The area isn’t really set up for Western travellers yet, but that might be a positive for some people.


Sunset over Khao Kho

If you have a long term rent set up, then I would highly recommend going there. The food is great, the hotels are even cheaper and the people are very friendly; not to mention how much more laid-back and authentic the city is. I wouldn’t even class it a city, not by Western standards anyhow.


Big Buddha, Phetchabun city.


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